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First Seme/Uke Quiz~ Here goes:

30+ = Super Uke
21-30 = Uke
20 = Seme-uke (Seke)
10-19 = Seme
10- = Super Seme X

[X] You like to be content in everything.
[X] When a person confesses their love to you and you don't like them, you start feeling very tense and/or you don't know what to say. 
[X] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.
[] You are quite hyperactive. 
[X] If you don't like something, you start crying and you don't care if you start talking too loud.
[X] You love candies or any type of caramel. 
[X] You like making others blush. (I do try! > u <)
[X] You sleep with a doll/teddy bear/pillow in your hand. (I sleep with my Ciel plush, sometimes L plush, or Ulquiorra plush~ <33 > w <)
[X] You're usually shy with the opposite gender. (Hella shy around everyone especially opposite gender.)
[X] You like romantic-funny anime. (That me)
[X] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L. (I dun like Light, he killed mah baby! x'c)
[ ] You have listened to "an café". (N-no? Should I?)
[ ] You like listening to it.
[ ] You have one or two songs on your computer of "an café".
[X] You are innocent and/or a little clumsy. (*runs into a table; smiles; continues to walk; runs into wall*)
[X] You smile at kitties. (Who doesn't smile at kitties? QAQ)
[X] You usually say "kawaii". (Everyday I swear at least once!~ XD)
[X] You like plushies. (I have lotsa plushies<33 )
[] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue.
[] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot. 
[X] You have been lost in a shopping centre/parking/cinema.
[X] You have called the mistaken number twice or more. 
[] You cried with Pocahontas' ending. 
[X] You have used a very feminine dress or shirt. 
[X] You call your pets cute names. 
[X] You believe that yaoi is the best. (YASSSSSSSS) 
[/] You're easy to trick/convince. (Sometimes. I guess it depends on the situation~)
[X] Some men scare you. 
[] You have seen Pucca and you like it.
[/] You have pink/red clothes and they are decorated with flowers. (Some I guess?)
[] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space. 
[] You've said "kyao" or something like that before.
[X] When a person of the same gender gets angry with you, you're at the defensive.
[X] You like j-pop.
[X] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series. (Bleach and One Piece continue to stomp mah feels.)
[ ] You watched Gravitation and you felt like Shuichi or you watched Strawberry Panic and you felt like Nagisa. 
[X] You smile for no reason. 
[] You usually are very positive. (Lol, no)
[X] When there's a rainbow, you run out to see it. 
[X] You usually don't understand what your parents say. 

Need to count - Okay got this. 28 I think? Nope 27~ Sooo, I am simply a Uke~ Saw that coming >//^//> Dammit.

Next up: What kind of Dere am I?~ o w o Stolen from ~  Luumies 

Your Loli/Shota side: 
[X] You tilt your head when you're confused.
[X] You love sweets and cute things.
[X] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends. (I swear they speak gibberish.) 
[X] You blush simply thinking of sexual things.
[X] People often call you cute.
[X] You care a lot about your friends.
[X] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements.
[X] You like bright, soft colors.
[X] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs. (Of course, not all I listen to, but a lot of it)
[X] You add things to the end of your friend's names (such as "-chan" or "-y", i.e. Hime = Himey. (Not chan)
[X] People often say "aww" when you've done something clumsy/silly.
[X] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship.
Total: 12

Your Tsundere side:
[X] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside.
[X] You often hide your true feelings for someone.
[X] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you.
[X] You are protective.
[X] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you've hurt them.
[X] You are easily embarrassed.
[X] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them.
[/] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings.
[X] You can be violent at times.
[X] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away.
[ ] When people say Thank You, you often reply by saying it was for yourself (When it wasn't)
[ ] You never cry in front of others.
Total: 9 1/2

Your Yandere side:
[] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly.
[] When angry, you're normally hide it until the time for revenge is right.
[X] You can at times, be obsessive.
[] People have said you are "two-faced". 
[] People tell you you're nice, but can be creepy at times.
[/] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset.
[] People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling.
[X] When you're upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh.
[X] You can get very violent.
[] You love to help people, but often love to help yourself more.
[X] You like slow, sweet, but twisted songs.
[X] You like colors like dark blue or light red.
Total: 5 1/2

Your Kuudere side:
[/] You don't show your emotions to others.
[X] You hide your true feelings.
[X] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up.
[/] Although you don't show it, you are easily made happy.
[X] You care for others a lot, still you don't show it.
[] People think you are mysterious.
[X] You can be shy.
[X] You aren't very loud, rather silent.
[X] You know who to trust and who not to.
[X] You choose your friends wisely.
[] You like simple colors, like light purple or white.
[X] You are rather mature.
Total: 9

Your Dandere side:
[X] You are a shy person.
[/] You are quiet and don't speak up for yourself.
[X] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking.
[X] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking.
[X] You have stage fright.
[X] You are stoic and not very open.
[X] You hide yourself with your hair at times.
[X] Your face starts boiling when speaking with others.
[X] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird.
[X] You are afraid of meeting new people.
[] You are a hard worker.
[X] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you cherish very much.

Total: 10 1/2

I guess this means I'm a Loli/Shota~? :iconcutederpplz:
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: I See Stars ~ Till The World Ends
  • Reading: Nothing sadly enough
  • Watching: Bleach
  • Playing: Pokemon: Y
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


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Hiya! My name is Brittany ~ You can call me Britt though >w< //I mean, if you want
I'm a shy pansexual, whom loves drawing, writing, reading, and lots more.
I adore manga, anime, yuri/yaoi, and cosplay.
I love Ciel Phantomhive, Edward Elric, Death the Kid, Crona, Hikaru, and- Must I go on? I love just about every anime and every anime character~ :heart: Except Medusa, I wanna kill her! I hate her so much~ Q^Q

I usually love taking requests ( Not that anyone wants one from me anyway ; ^ ; ) , so if you ask for one I will most likely try my best to draw whatever it may be. <33 I'm always here if you want to talk about anything, or if you're bored. Um, thanks for checking out my bio! ~ /.\

My best friend: BladePrincess Boolicious Banana-Hime
My bby: ninjagraffiti

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